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Our services.

As first time parents it can quickly become exhausting having to juggle a newborn and the responsibilities that come with it. We help families set up a schedule for the baby that suits their daily routine. We assist in establishing healthy sleep habits from early on, making it easier down the road.

Healing from childbirth can be overwhelming therefore having a newborn specialist who is trained to safely care for newborns will make it easier to recover. Our caregivers will come into your home and provide complete care for your newborns, while ensuring the parents are doing well too! We give parents a peace of mind knowing that their baby is in good hands. The teaching that we provide will help parents learn how to care for their baby on their own and build confidence.

newborn care

As a first time parent, bringing a newborn home can be an overwhelming experience. We teach you how to change diapers, sterilize bottles and bathe your baby for the first time, amongst many other things.

  • cleaning and sterilization

  • diapering 

  • bottle feedings 

  • teaching swaddling techniques

  • keeps a log of the feedings and babies activities

Travelling newborn care

Our nurses are able to travel anywhere with you and your baby on trips out of the country. Traveling with babies can be difficult to keep up with their routine while enjoying your vacation. The nurses will maintain the routine and you and your family can enjoy your vacation while the baby is with a familiar caregiver.


  • Accompany you and your baby on a trip

  • Create a packing list for the baby

  • Help pack bags and ensure everything is accounted for

  • Take care of your baby on flights

  • Ensure the schedule is maintain even during travel (feedings, sleep time, overnight care, etc)

newborn care

  • Keeping logs of your babies pee and bowel movements

  • Chart feedings throughout the night

  • Report a quick recap to parents before leaving 

  • Burping and changing baby (for both breastfed and bottle fed babies)

  • Swaddle and soothe your baby throughout the night

  • Breastfeeding assistance / guidance

  • Giving your baby their bath or a sponge bath 

  • Washing and sterilizing bottles

  • Post circumcision care

  • Washing and sterilizing breast pump and accessories

Prenatal Consultations

  • One on one home teachings

  • How to dress a baby

  • Discuss what is needed for your hospital bag

  • Gear demonstrations (car seat, sterilizer, bottle warmer, etc)

  • How to avoid SIDS

  • Provide insight as to the must-have items for your nursery

  • Digital presentations with top tier nursery gear 

  • Help create a functional space for you and your baby

  • Help organize baby drawers and changing tables 

  • Help choose the best gear to suit your needs 

  • Organize the items you already have 

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