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About us.

Kimberley's Night Nurses provide you with trusted and professional support throughout the time of the birth and in the following months when you bring home your newborn(s). We are unique in that our services are offered in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We work with you to create a custom care package to suit your family’s individual needs. 

We recognize that bringing home a newborn can be a time of upheaval and sleep may also be in short supply. This is why we are here to help. Our expert services provide you with guidance and reassurance you crave in advance of the birth while our Night Nurses are there to support you in the postpartum period to ensure you and your family a great night’s sleep.

We understand how overwhelming pregnancy and life with a newborn can be. Whether you require a Night Nurse or a Lactation Consultant, we have an amazing and compassionate team on hand to provide you with the support you and your family need. Ensuring you and your baby a comfortable, relaxed and confident start in life.


It is important to book Kimberley and her team as far in advance as possible, as they have limited availabilities and book up quickly. Keep in mind, Kimberley is available for all welcome visits, and because of this she cannot stay on long-term, as she must make herself available for as many welcome home visits as possible. That said, her team is there to take over when that time comes, and are trained to follow her unique and special style of caregiving for newborns.


Kimberley provides consultation at your home or over the phone. Over the phone services are available for a per-basis fee, once your in-home services have finished — this includes phone calls or even text messaging! Kimberley makes herself available to walk her clients through the steps she has taught them, ensuring they don't feel overwhelmed when she and her team have left.

If you feel that you need a one-time visit, Kimberley also makes herself available for in-house consultations, starting at $50 / hr.


Please note, urgent cases will always be considered a priority. Kimberley and her team specialize in multiple births, and have the natural ability to instil the confidence new parents need to be on their new journey into parenthood. 


See our services page for more info.

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